Friday, November 12, 2010

Can I Get An Amen?

So of course lately in the news we are seeing religious figures in the headlines not because of their good deeds but because they've been on there knees..literally. Even though they are leaders and men of the robe we must remember they are human. Do NOT follow these men follow the word..Let's also get a few things in perspective:

Church should never be a celebrity who's who (If it is I suggest you gets to steppin...don't walk run)

Money and God almost is like mixing oil with just don't mix

If your preacher only has "spiritual sons" you need to skate on skate on... What us girls don't need guidance? Shouldn't you have a big group instead of select individuals??

If your preacher stresses prosperity more than the good of the people and rubs it in your face over and over again ain't he just showing off? People, please stop believing "good luck" only involves MONEY.

Money truly is the root of all evil.. Repeat that over and over again.

If your preacher has a helicopter in his backyard, a rolls royce, flashy jewelry. That AIN'T God that's more similar to the devil. (think about the horns the red, the signs, the flash)

In all the artistic interpretations of God the one thing you do not see is ANY MATERIALISTIC RICHES. Remember, you do not get buried with any of that shit! I know plenty of Wealthy people that are not happy worth a damn. So please do NOT try to emulate your favorite artist, preacher, sports figure etc just appreciate they're talent. Let's us love and respect in this land so when that day comes we can truly say AMEN.


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The scripture says "the love" of $$$ is the root of all evil. With that said...Amen

bernard christopher said...

Your right, THE LOVE!!,PUTTING ANYTHING ABOVE GOD IS Idolatry..The plan of satan is simply to manipulate the mind(spiritual battleground)chemical warfare(crack,heroin etc.,) immunization shots,which caused an outbreak of kids to be autistic(add,adhd)..The problem is nobody understands the KIngdom..When people start hearing from the Holy spirit and can go to Congress n say "WHAT THUS SAITH THE LORD" LIKE THE kINGS DID IN THE BIBLE DAYS..WE GUNNA STAY STCUK BABY. LUV YA WITH THE LUV OF GOD!!