Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can It Be That It Was All So Simple Then?

In this technology driven world it's the little things I desperately miss...Does talking exist anymore?! I got friends that literally have a relationship based on texting! I am almost convinced that high school relationships (if you were in high school before 1999) were more intimate than they are now..I will explain:

  • In school you spent hours talking and getting to really know the people around you. I can still hear my mama picking up the phone cussing me out "do you know what time it is?! Get your ass off this phone right now!" Texting was maybe 3 words on your beeper! (304, cant remember the one for i love u LOL)
  • You knew the person's background, probably their family, their ex's
  • You went on dates the movies the mall the park just to enjoy each other
  • You snuck out (if you were naughty like me) just to be close to the person
  • You were satisfied by just them (their popularity might have been a factor but not really) not if they paid bills, bought you things it was just them. it was new, fresh and was a simple love.

Remember when you got the new Jordans and couldn't wait to get to school or the first day of school and couldn't get to sleep excited about the possiblities?
Remember when you got their phone number and was satisfied for the week damn near the month with a big ol' grin?
Remember when you were excited when they passed you a note?
Remember that FEELING??? That FEELING is what I miss the most. Bring it back!!!!

I even miss reading my year book with the infamous:
Pimpin Long
Pimpin Strong
So Long (Baby if they cared Bitch if they was funny) I'm gone! LOL

Why does this have to be a stroll down memory lane. Why do we replace real intimacy for the frivolous shit? (I am guilt as charged too) I am ready to say enough with that shit! Let us get back to the basics. I vow to try... can you?


Joy Cook said...

Before I got to the second paragraph I had a huge smile on my face because those truly were the BEST of times! I can totally my daughter and her friends do everything via txt or's actually sad because my home phone is a waste of money noone talks on it! I remember no caller ID and No *69 you actually had to answer the phone to see who was calling you...I think evolution is inevitable and change is most times good BUT when it comes to relationships and human communication technology just CANNOT replace somethings! The older I get the more I make an effort to simplify my life on is precious and we have to take time to enjoy the simple things and you are right get back to basics..the future depends on it!

-Blubber said...

I'm glad there are like minded people! it inspires me to continue! thank you! xoxo and i so so desperately want that feeling back!

mr.soul:216 said...

we all wish for the things that make us appreciate who we are now. i break out my old pics, scrapbook and yearbook often to rekindle the energy and memories of all the things you mentioned. i miss them too...and dearly.

i recently used the hook from a goodie mob classic and changing it to:

"people don't talk no mo, all they do is tweet.."

sadly, i said that on twitter and not in a real

regardless of where society takes us, we will always be the last generation who will be able to appreciate those finer things that were oh so simple back then!

this shit right here though?? is complex, and getting out of control...

Tracy 27 said...

i live as a youth in the times of tweeting and facebook.. but i remember the 90's, playing outside with friends (real games) till mamma would call for dinner, getting scratches and bruises from bike rides.

and even though i wasnt in high school before '99, i miss those times too. unfortunately we have reached a point where technology is taking over and its hard to bring the old back when the new seems so much more "simple, beautiful, and less time consuming"