Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover"

The ultimate "Fake It Til You Make It Car introducing the Chrysler with Phantom Kit! Key Operative word "KIT" LOL

Priorities: I can appreciate a person's beauty... but still I understand that that is just the outer appearance that has nothing to do with the substance at hand. 
Baking soda can look like cocaine but I'm sure a crackhead would be mad as hell if that's what they got with their purchase.
A beautiful house with mold, broken plumbing, tilted foundation and located smack damn in the ghetto will not gain u a return.
Just cause you put a Phantom kit on that Chrysler does NOT magically turn that damn car into a Rolls...YOU in a CHRYSLER big dawg. LOL
So my question to you is are you weighing your options correctly? Do you EVEN care about the substance?
If you date only because of the outer appearance you are just dragging along DEAD weight. (Unless you are Bill Gates and can afford to carry the load). Gentlemen, If you date a girl with ass-shots I hope she got a lasting career and brings some substance to the table (not just the substance in her ass) because you never know the health concerns later...Free flowing silicone in your bloodstream sounds like you need a great insurance policy...have fun with that. (Ladies, I am down for the surgery just do it the right way!! If you met a a gay guy that injects your ass in a hotel for $600...doesn't just reading that shit sound suspect!?)
Ladies, if a man got great wood and beautiful smile and no job and no assets and ain't in school please please don't try and turn it into something it will never amount to...Just appreciate it for what it is. a beautiful TREE and I hope you can swing from his branches but know in the end he is stuck. LOL
I read on someone's facebook that literally said "A woman that knows how to shut the F up will get wifed up with diamonds and pearls" and not only was I offended I felt sorry for him too. How could you want someone that brings nothing to the table but her looks? and I know he can't even afford diamonds and pearls haaa! I guess thats the difference between "Grown" and "Still Growing". To all my youngins refer back to this site when u off that similac I don't talk kid shit.
We need to resurrect what our mama's used to tell us "Don't Just A Book By It's Cover"



Bo$$alina said...

Actually the saying is "don't JUDGE a book by it's cover"

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