Friday, November 5, 2010

The Glamorous Life

The 90's and early 2000's was a almost a fairy tale that unless you experienced it for yourself it almost doesn't sound believable. I lived it and it still feels like a dream! For a few years I thought money grew on trees (ahh the good old days!)...It was the era of BMF and The Glamorous life of Big Meech a dear friend that may have been a notorious drug dealer to you but a smart, giving and loyal friend to me. His idealistic of family were inconceivable, his giving nature to any and everyone could not be compared and I hate that they depict him as a violent individual.. granted in the US he was a drug dealer that DIDN'T pay taxes and you know Uncle Sam don't play that shit. Yes I understand I may get scrutinized for saying all this but I am referring to this man's heart. So today i want you to see the glamour... The reason why today no clubs in Atlanta or anywhere else seem fun.... To all the youngins you can have the "nightlife"...because I lived the "Glamorous Life".
Meech Birthday Meech of The Jungle so you know there had to be Tee Pees
Big Meech Everywhere
Did you have your name in a 16 foot custom light display at your party?
It's a jungle party must have tigers

An Elephant

Can forget the Monkeys

Meech and Ill

Baby Bleu (RIP) 

Fab knows what it is

Classic. The pic says it all.

Part two coming soon. Pics from BMF launch party....


Anonymous said...

That was truly an "ERA"! Although there was plenty of negative, there was truly a lot of positive...From what I understand, Meech was truly unselfish in helping others.

Anonymous said...

Straight-up: BMF is the main and primary reason for the death of nightlife in atlanta after meech and his boyz killed two of Puffy's boyz, Wolf and Riz in front of Chaos back in 2003. So while you may mourn the fact that they got they dumb asses locked up for the rest of their meaningful lives, they alone were responsible for an incredible numbers of unsolved murders, general mayhem and all-around criminal activity in Atlanta. So much so, that even the Mayor of Atlanta got caught up in it through her daughter & her son-in-law (who, by the way, is still facing the death penalty for his hand in the Misty Carter murder in 2004). Which explains why she had to put up that bullshit smokescreen of cleaning up the city by shuttin' down the clubs and making it virtually impossible for the surviving clubs to continue or new clubs to start. All that to draw attention away from her associations with this criminal enterprise via her family. I really don't see how anyone can be an apologist for this gang of thugs. Oh, I forgot, that's how you got rich, right? Nevermind!

Anonymous said...

dude ass is in prison for a long time. WHy not get 9am-5pm job and pay ur taxes NIGGAS