Monday, November 8, 2010

What Happened to The Yin & The Yang

So for the past few years, I have observed that the reason why everything is so F$cked up is all based on that YIN and that YANG or lack of the YANG. Meaning where's the balance?!!
For every sick murder reported in the news there's another sick heinous murder reported.  For every tranny story there's another fucking tranny story. For every bullshit rapper there's another bullshit rapper. For every teacher messing with kids it's another damn pedophile all up on my TV...ARGHHH!!! For every naked chick promoting her ass there's another naked chick doing a split. For every coke whore in Hollyweird there's another coke meth whore in Hollyweird. Where the hell is the positive story that balances us? What's really bad is I can keep going and going... Ok, since you insist...
I knew from the start of Flava of Love that we would be up shits creek sooner than later and hey we have arrived! (Flav if u reading this man, what happened to "Don't believe The Hype" & "It Take A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" u single handedly took us back!)
We need choices and a harmonious balance (feng shui baby) but if there's more negativity promoted guess what? There's more HATERS born everyday! I want to read and see the stories that inspire us by the boatload! Not 1 out of every 30! Are you with me?? I got to give it to the USA though, we have become equal opportunist meaning it ain't just racist Black negative stories it's across the board!! I see you Paris! I see you Lindsay! Hey Mel Gibson! Hello Jersey Shore?!!? Bad Girls Club?? (Need to call the show "BITCH, You need therapy") So here I vow to post news that will make you smile or at least utilize your brain cells to insure functionality.... Hell, i think "Blindside" was a good movie but it won every award because it made us realize we all have a heart buried under it all. I'm ready for that breathe of fresh air. I am suffocating over here..
So I propose a case study: If you have kids..go buy the whole Cosby series and mandate for every 2 hours of Cosby they get 1/2 hour of regular TV and for every 1 hour they play outside they get 30 minutes of video games..Hell, you may need to watch it too! and FYI I see why Bill Cosby is so angry! He did all those Jello commercials and "picture perfect" to give us a positive platform of family and values!
So let's start little by little and I betcha you will see a difference! If they don't give us a balance then we need to make one..matterfact mandate it!...I'm not giving up but remember.. Its hard to LOVE if all you see is HATE...
So go on and get all up in that Yin and that YANG!




Joy Cook said...

America is a "rewards" driven society and the youth don't see any reward in being positive. Why? because negative behavior is accepted and rewarded. It's become the norm to see talentless people who don't sing, can't dance, can't act, become "famous" or even infamous and bulid empires. With medium's like Social Media it's people like us who become the making the choice to put positive things out there. I think we at crisis levels in our society and people are choosing not to see it....we can't keep on like we are...I hate to think how the country will look 30yrs from now with the next generation lacking substance being "Barbies" and "Goons" will they lead?!

"Things are not always as they appear. Not every closed eye is sleeping and not every open eye is seeing!" -Bishop Bronner

-Blubber said...

@joy u feel me?! I feel the exact same way and it scares the daylights out of me! thats what inspired me to write...we have to do something..truly.