Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sorry for the Hiatus..even though it may happen again. I do this for therapy more than the following...

Time to vent!:

I hope that one of these days somebody that is MORE INTELLIGENT and MORE POWERFUL than myself reads this damn post and with all it's sincerity takes notes on my 2cents on what's wrong with us, with 2011 and for the foreseeable future and DOES SOMETHING.

When I was growing up (which is not that damn long ago and yet seems like 150 years ago; since everything keeps changing at a pace that gets faster and faster) I, not only had my parents raising me; I also had the ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD...

When the sun was going down somebody's mama was screaming at us "Take ya butt back home you see it's getting DARK!"(YES! back when kids actually wanted to play outside),

I had my teachers, I had more than a few teachers along the way that wholeheartedly loved me and truly cared about my growth & and intelligence: Mrs Johnston, Ms Smith, Mr. Latimer, Mrs Carr, My Art Teacher at OPC & I truly Thank You! xoxo,

Television (Cosby Show-made me think being an attorney was obtainable and normal, Different World-Made me want to attend college, Facts Of Life, Different Strokes, Family Matters-Always solved their problems in 30 minutes and showed a model family that we loved; even if we were nowhere close to that at home, Good Times-I learned how family stick together etc) ,

Music (I grew up in the best genre of r&b soul: Keith Sweat, Jodeci, Guy, Mary, Anita, Sade, Surface, Ready For The World and it's no coincidence that love really existed in abundance.)

I hate the fact that alot of neighborhoods no longer go trick-or-treating door to door because we NO LONGER trust our neighbor!?

I hate that the sense of "Community" no longer exists.

We are damn near killing ourselves over cars (that depreciates as soon as you pull off the lot), jewelry (that eventually looks dated), material goods that only can serve a temporary gratification that will bring you no lasting emotions & yet that is what most people are worried about!...

...when MORALS, VALUES, PRIDE & HONOR are instilled correctly, they will be used for a lifetime and may be passed down from generation to generation. Those characters contribute to having a peaceful society if we would

A.) QUIT putting materials goods up on pedestal. I know it's easier said than done and I am human and may fall victim to certain things but overall I am overtly aware of what I will NOT do.
B.) MORAL totally matters!!! People choose your partner WISELY. If you pick them based on their outer appearance that is the equivalence of going to the "Hood Mall" for a quick fit. It may look nice for a night but in time, it will soon fall apart. Men if you choose to skeet in a "Fast" girl don't get mad at her when she has your baby and continues to drop the child at whom ever's house, uses the child against you ....don't try and wonder why the child emotionally imbalanced....
C.) INTEGRITY <--where the hell did it go?!!

I swear I could go on and on...but in a nutshell in order for us to live in a better place..we need to be aware that everything u do.. can and will effect us tomorrow...and since the village (the human obligation in others) raising your child is diminishing we must work harder. Let us pray.  


Side A said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Great expression of the obvious yet uncared about facts of life. Can I post this on my blog?

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